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Emergency Loans

Emergency Loans

Are you in need of some extra cash and you need it today? If so, then you may be eligible for an emergency loan with Easy Financing. We provide emergency loans to customer to take the immediate monetary burden away from a stressful situation. This type of loan is for customers looking for money in a hurry due to an emergency that has happened to them and they are unable to cover the costs of the situation.​

Our customers come to us for emergency loans for a variety of reason. This includes needing cash to fix damage to their car, pay for school books or uniforms or replace a broken down washing machine. Whatever the situation, when customers need money fast, Easy Financing can help. ​

If you need $5,000 or less and you meet our lending criteria, then you may be eligible for an emergency loan. These loans solutions are intended to be short or medium term loans only. There are not intended to be for long periods of time. ​

Applying for a loan is easy. Simply complete our online application form. It takes less than five minutes to fill out your application and click submit. One of our friendly and experience staff will be in contact with you to discuss your situation.

We process all online loan application with speed, the same day in fact, so you can be assured that you won’t just be left waiting. And everything in our application process is online, including signing your contract, which means the whole process can often be completed within a day and funds transferred to your nominated account within hours.​

So if you’re looking for a short-term solution to help you out with unexpected expenses in an emergency, think Easy Financing. There are thousands of Australians who have turned to us for their emergency loans. ​

If you have questions at any time, you can contact us via email, phone or live chat. ​

Click on the apply now button below to start your application today.​

Easy Financing

Easy Financing offer loans between $300 and $5,000 through our safe and secure online lending process. For small amount loan needs, the best personal loans are with Easy Finance. Click the link below for a no obligation short application to see if you qualify for a personal loan.